CHRONO – Intelligent scheduling

CHRONO – Intelligent scheduling

The CHRONO application is intended for companies and entrepreneurs who have direct contact with clients and is used to schedule client appointments, monitor the performance of individual organizational units, collect data necessary to analyze the performance of individual services, track revenue and sales by clients, and manage relationships with them. integrated SMS and email communication channel.

The application is highly customizable, both through the administrative panel and through simple localization, ie changing the name of individual options. It supports work in a multilingual environment, where each user can choose the desired language, so it is very suitable for companies where employees use different languages.

An demo version of the app is available to test the app. If you want to see an example of integration with a website, click here. The demo version of the application has all the functionalities, except for sending SMS messages. Also, the database of the demo version of the application is reset once a day.

Credentials for using the demo version are: username - etestadmin , password - testpwd321 .

If you are interested in more details, user manual, presentation of the application, what are the possibilities of adapting the application to your needs, you can contact us via the contact page .

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