Software development

We develop web and mobile applications for you and your needs, which aim to support and improve your business. The first step in creating any solution is to get to know your processes, needs and data. Based on the collected data and our decades of experience, in cooperation with you, we propose the best solution tailored just for you. Our clients participate, together with us, in all phases of software development, which guarantees the usability and success of your application solution.

Our team is fully committed to your project. Whether it is small or large projects, each of your projects will have our full focus. Let us organize your business for you.

SaaS  – Software as a Service

The basis of our company's business is the provision of SaaS services. This approach is especially interesting for companies that cannot invest a lot of money in software solutions or want a quick return on investment. Software as a service is a modern way of delivering software solutions in the form of a web application. The great advantage of this use of software is that the user does not have a large initial investment, but the software is paid in the form of a monthly rent.

Personal softwareSoftware as a service
It is paid in advanceIt is paid monthly, per use
High initial costsLow initial costs
Application costs, maintenance, infrastructure, IT resourcesSubscription costs and minimal engagement of IT resources
Longer time required for configuration and implementationFast implementation

This approach in the rental price provides for the payment of all necessary licenses, hosting solutions and other agreed services in through the monthly rent. We can tailor our SaaS software to your needs and requirements, with flexible payment methods. Our SaaS solutions are developed to be easy to localize and easily operate in a multilingual environment, if your business requires it.

IT consulting

The best solutions are solutions backed by extensive experience. Our knowledge and experience, both in the IT sector and in commercial activities, analytics, operations, are at your disposal. Take advantage of them!

For all companies that do not have their own IT service, we are at your disposal to help you choose the appropriate software, hardware, licenses, infrastructure as well as to solve other IT problems and issues. If the issues and systems are large, we can help you through our partners who have decades of experience in complex IT solutions. Feel free to contact us, we are here for you!

Hardware and software maintenance

We are here to simplify for you! Do business completely legally, rationalize your costs, and leave the care of your software and hardware to us. Together we will find the most optimal solution!

With our installation, training and maintenance you will be able to base your business on open source technologies that will fully meet the needs of your business, completely legally, with very reasonable operating costs.

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ABOUT US is a startup company dedicated to the development of web and mobile applications, tailored to the needs of the client or in the form of software as a service.